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Transform complex data into clear insights with our easy-to-use programs and plug-ins. Our tools focusing on accurate reporting and professionally processed dashboards will give you the confidence to make informed decisions and track essential milestones.

Experience the simplicity of data processing and visualization with our tools.


Rubik data platform.

Rubik is the ultimate tool for data-driven decisions integrated directly in MS Excel, providing access to data in the cloud, permissions management, customizable reports and dashboards, and easy integration with your existing systems.

  • Data stored in cloud
  • Effective access control
  • High speed calculations and modeling
  • Scalable database
  • Seemlessly integrated to Excel
  • Specific functionalities based on user group
  • Capability to collect data
  • Ready made modules and customer development alike


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Tools for HR

1) HRESS | HR Essentials Smart System


Comprehensive system to build and validate organizational architecture. Help the companies to set up, sustain and adjust all HR essentials by a single tool/modul:

  • Creation of HR Architecture (position categorizations)
  • Grading / Calibration of job positions (by Vissto Cubes methodology, can be bridget to other methodologies)
  • Creating the job-descriptions dynamically (automatically)
  • Creation of competency profiles
  • Creation of knowledge, processes, competencies libraries
  • Creating a hierarchical matrix according to the importance of job positions
  • Creation of Orgchart dynamically (on a single click)
  • Creation of RACI matrix


Available as a stand-alone product or as a part of HR modul in Rubik solution.


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2) SASS | Salary Analysis Smart System

System analyzing overall remuneration within the company. Enables to easily set the remuneration strategy which thereafter calculates the salary adjustments automatically during the Remuneration Review Process:

  • Remuneration analyses - internal and external benchmark of teams and/or individuals, classification based on compa-ratio, performance and other indicators
  • Remuneration matrix configuration & Internal remuneration policies settings
  • Remuneration review processes - automatic suggestion of remuneration adjustments based on the multiple criterias (as designed in remuneration matrix)
  • Automatic mechanism to control and manage departmental budget
  • Bonuses budgeting and bonus pool automatic distribution


Available as a stand-alone product or as a part of HR modul in Rubik solution.


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3) PASS | People Analysis Smart System


System focusing on performance and effectiveness within the organization & teams. Functionalities for managers to set up and/or evaluate the KPIs & overall performance of his/her subordinates. Possibility to collect 90°-360° feedback from employees and prepare performance and leveling analysis.

  • Settings and evaluation of KPIs
  • Performance management
  • Job position vs. Job holder analyses with projection of performance, market scarcity, and unique know-how showing gaps / overlaps
  • Assessment of people and teams in terms of quality and time (past, present, trends…)


Available as a stand-alone product or as a part of HR modul in Rubik solution.


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Gas station tools

1) Daily closing and controlling


A unique tool for Shell gas station operators to put cash flows under absolute control.

The daily closing tool, which is entered by the shift managers, allows you to check the cash register status against the declaration, the daily closing of individual shifts, work with the local safe and the surrendered funds for Loomis.

Controlling is a follow-up to the day-to-day report outputs and enables their comparison with billing reports.


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2) Daily sales

Simple yet powerful tool for analysing daily sales of individual petrol stations. Categorization of products into individual product groups.

Monitoring performance against the plan, monitoring results according to KPIs categories, breakdown of sales to the level of individual products. Monitoring of sales movement in the monitored period - trend analysis.

Reporting KPI categories in one click - in Excel and PDF.


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General reporting

1) Vissto REPORTER: Unique Excel plug-in to create engaging reporting


 Let your data tell a story! No more boring tables and numbers. Create professional looking PPT or PDF presentations generated directly from your Excel data. Great looking reporting full of attractive charts and reports. All with simple and fast procedures that everyone can handle.

In Excel, in just a few clicks and in seconds! The ideal solution for anyone who wants to present numbers in an attractive and clear form.


Available in Standard | Lite version (free)

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