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HR automation has never been easier.

Harness the power of AI and our cutting-edge grading methodology to effortlessly build a customized job architecture for your company. With just one simple data table, watch as we create automatically a comprehensive HR ecosystem filled with your data. Job architecture, Job descriptions, Competency models, Orgcharts and much more are just few clicks away. Witness the magic yourselves!

We offer 3 main areas of cooperation

We engage in strategic HR projects with a focus on compensation & benefits. We assist with the creation and implementation of an effective Job Architecture that enables the standardization and automation of a wide range of HR processes, policies and activities. We are involved in compensation analysis, pay policy setting and market benchmarking. We always place great emphasis on automation and simplicity of the final solution.

HR Strategic Consulting

From strategy definition and architecture design to optimizing compensation packages, grading, managing HR operations, and cultivating employee development, we offer wide range of HR consulting services.

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HR Data Platform

Transform a simple input table into a comprehensive HR data ecosystem with Job Architecture, Job Descriptions, Competency Profiles, KPIs, Grades, and more, all within one powerful data platform.

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Salary Survey Data

Exclusive insights into salary survey data, derived from Executive Salary Survey 2023. Unique overview of managerial compensation models, benefits preferences, and managerial work.

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