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We care about your privacy and the way we handle your personal information. The purpose of this site is to provide you with complex information about what personal data do we collect and how do we process it. We process all personal data in a transparent, correct and legal manner.

1) Controller of the personal data

Controller's Contact Information:

  • Vissto s.r.o.
  • Company ID: 04475402
  • Krakovská 583/9
  • 110 00 Praha 1
  • Czech Republic

2) Processor of personal data:

The processors of all personal data are:

  • Employees and co-workers of Vissto s.r.o.
  • Internet Service Providers (applies only to personal data in terms of Cookies).

3) What data do we collect:

Vissto plug-in download:

  • Name and surname
  • E-mail

Order form:

  • Name and surname
  • E-mail
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Name, ID, VAT ID (in the case of a business order)
  • Bank account number (during the payment)

Frame / Business Agreement:

  • Name and surname
  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Phone
  • ID, VAT ID
  • Bank account number

Contact form:

  • Name and surname
  • E-mail


  • Cookies
  • IP address of site visitors

4) Legal reasons for collecting the information

We may only process your personal data to the extent of below conditions:

  • data processing is necessary due to the contract obligations
  • data processing is allowed by the clear customer consent
  • data processing is necessary to meet the statutory obligations 

5) The purpose of data processing

We process your data for three main reasons outlined below. In every case we try to process data only to the extent which is strictly necessary to meet the appropriate purpose.

  • Contractual obligations. In order to provide you with our products and services as described in the contract, we need to collect personal, payment and contact information of yourself or your company. This information is necessary to fulfill our contract obligations and it serves mainly for administrativ and organizational purpose.
    We do not share any of this information with any kind of third parties except for our direct subcontractors and co-workers, who are directly involved in the product delivery. In such case, with all of the involved supliers and co-workers we do have written agreements and Non-Disclaimers-Agreements (NDA), which fully protect all data and your privacy.
  • Advertising and marketing. We use so-called cookies on our web-site to help us monitor the site traffic statistics. In some cases it can be used to prepare the personalized marketing messages and offers.
  • Business development. In case the customer downloads the trial version of our product, he provides us with the consent allowing us to contact him with the license-extention offer. This consent may be withdrawn by the customer at any time.

6) Retention and processing of your data

All the information we collect is stored only for the time necessary to fulfill the purpose.

  • The information outlined in the contracts and other agreement-related documents is archived for at least 3 years after the termination of the contract for the reason of legitimate interest.
  • The contact information and personal data which was provided us based on the customer consent are stored as long as this consent is valid.

7) Data transfer to abroad

We use strictly secure cloud services to store your data. Physically, all the data is placed on the cloud servers located within the European Union.

8) Your rights

You have the right by law to request the information about the personal data we process about you, it's purpose and reason of the processing.

If you presume we process your personal data in violation of legal regulations, you have the right to request clarification or settlement of the situation. You have also the right to contact the Personal Data Protection Office.

List of your rights:

  • Right to access the personal data - You have the right to request  list of personal data we record about you, the purpose of processing, the recipient and the retention period.
  • Right to information - at your request Vissto s.r.o. must provide the details of all the data processors and its authorized agents, the purpose and legal basis of the processing, the data recipient information about the data transfer to abroad, retention period and the rights of the entity. Vissto s.r.o. provides all this information on this site. Individual requirements will only be addressed if you require other information than the one listed here.
  • Right to Explanation - entitles you to request the individual processing and data storing purposes explanation.
  • Right to remove the misinformation and the right to correct the data - in the event of any discrepancy, Vissto s.r.o. is obliged ro correct the discrepancy without unnecessary delay.
  • Right to limit the processing - entitles you to make a request or an objection that restricts the processing of your personal data.
  • Right of Deletion - entitles you to request the deletion of all personal data Vissto s.r.o. records about you or your company. Data deletion will only be possible if Vissto s.r.o. is not obliged to preserve the data due to higher reason (eg legitimate interest, legal reasons, etc.).
  • Right to data portability - entitles you to request a transcript of all your personal data in machine-readible format. Vissto s.r.o. reserves the right to decide on the exact form of a machine-readable format.
  • Right to object - you have the right to object to all data processing activities which Vissto s.r.o. carries out as a data consellor. In the event of positive objection, Vissto s.r.o. is obliged to stop processing the data in the objection extent.
  • Human rights in case of decision-making process based on automated processing and profiling - entitles you to request your personal data to be processed in other then automated manner.

Should you request one of the above rights, you must proove yourself to be the subject of the surveyed data. To do so, please follow one of these process:

  • Please send us the request from the contact email you have provided us during the registration or product purchase and claim at least one other personal information which help us to verify your identity (eg. Name and Surename). If you are unable to provide us with this information, we have the right to request a proof of identity described in the option no.2 (as stated below).
  • Please proove your identity personally by showing us your personal ID card at our company address. Please take in notice that this verification can be done only in prior agreed time.