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At Vissto, we offer comprehensive analysis and consulting services for organizations. We focus on the correlations and relationships between the organization, their employees and the data. We use innovative visualization techniques and simple software solutions to provide a clear and actionable picture of the organization's structure, processes, systems, and hierarchy. Our solutions are available in the form of online consultation, licensed SW and custom development.

Our team is driven by a passion for people and data. With a diverse range of backgrounds and experience in both small startups and global corporations, we have the expertise and insight to help businesses make data-driven decisions. We use proven methods and fresh perspectives to uncover hidden connections and trends, and present our findings in clear, visual formats. Our team's diversity allows us to approach challenges from multiple angles and create classic, proven solutions as well as more "out of the box" and "punk" ideas.

Our successful partnerships with global consultants like Cornerstone International Group give us the ability to serve clients across the globe and leverage a wide network of contacts and expertise.



Our team

Pavel Vrtiška

Data Specialist
(CEO & Cofounder)

I enjoy analyzing difficult tasks and looking for new ways to solve complex problems using simple tools and methodologies. Analytical thinking, common sense and the gradual decomposition of complex units into small graspable parts are a huge help.

I find meaning in projects focused on automation and standardization. I like to develop tools that save companies time and effort and bring order to their processes. I like data, especially in its visual form, which helps to understand its context.

I like to develop | analyze | consult | give lectures and make ideas progress into physical, useful form.

I draw experience from working at Hewlett-Packard for many years , working in a local fintech company, working in my own company of course and above all many successfully completed projects, lectures and trainings.

Aleš Jirec

HR Specialist

Although we work a lot with data, people are neither numbers, data or just human resources for me. I like them now and for the past 30 years. I’m interested in search, assessment for a suitable job position, career development, education, remuneration, including assistance in finding a new job and assistance in solving problems in work and personal life.

I like new ideas and modern technologies. That is why I have recently been focusing on the start-ups area, from the consulting and investment point of view. In projects, I always try to combine time-proven methods and modern approaches.

In addition to Vissto Solutions, I am a co-founder of Social Apps Ltd., which created the Blizu and Next2You mobile dating applications, focused on establishing business and private relationships "Human Proximity Contacting - Networking Mobile Application", using the latest BT technologies.

I am also the founder of iC Talents International, the exclusive agent and partner of the global consulting company Cornerstone International Group. Thanks to this partnership, I am also a member of AESC - Association of Executive Search Consultants, which guarantees high quality standards for talent and top managers search.

To me, Cornerstone International Group is not only a large international family and a group of friends who help each other. It’s also a gateway to the global world, that we can use to introduce ourselves on the big stage with our innovative services.

I spend my free time with my friends in the family, surrounded by cats (Ragdolls) and things I love and collect (models of cars, tractors, trains and modern and historical weapons).

Oldřich Neužil

Comp&Ben Specialist

I’m Compensation and Benefits professional with more than 15 years of experience. I like optimizing reward systems and processes. I believe that rewarding employees in a fair and competitive way is critical for the business.

I can listen to people, analyze data and find optimal solutions. I like common sense.

I gained my experience in various regional and global Compensation and Benefits leadership positions (Honeywell, Resideo) and as a Compensation and Benefits consultant (Hay Group).



František Mareš

HR Specialist

In my professional practice I focus mainly to the area of ​​human resources management, corporate culture development, designing an effective organizational structure and processes, developing transparent motivation systems and performance goals for individual groups of employees. And all in order to achieve the strategic goals of the organization.

I prefer teamwork across the company, including open communication and experiences sharing. I fully understand how important it is to listen to people, share their experiences with them and find the optimal solution for achieving goals together. I base my decisions and conclusions on verified data, gained experience and, last but not least, I try to use common sense.

I have applied these values ​​in the last 25 years as a manager in the Vienna Insurance Group and the Česká spořitelna Financial Group, especially in the area of ​​human resources management, setting up the organizational structure and processes, managing the operation and internal services of the insurance company.

A great benefit for my personal development was experience in the function of a member of the Board of Directors and personal participation in strategic projects implemented in cooperation with renowned consulting companies.


Adam Hospodka

Data Engineer

I'm an enthusiastic master student, balancing on the edge of IT and design. I like to observe and analyze details on complex projects. I believe they are precisely what sets the result apart.

I like clear goals. Diagrams and other visualization styles are my closest friends. It is also my way to deal with the procedure planning and orientation in new information.

I'm a fan of public speaking and presentation. When it comes to presenting my own creations, I like to confidently show quality and creative pieces backed up by honest work.

I got most of my experience here at Vissto. It is a perfect blend of technical coffee with an artistic smell.




Our references






J&T Banka


Shell - provozovatelé ČS



VŠE Praha







Česká spořitelna




Selected references


Jan Andrlík
Total Reward Architect CZ & SK

We have chosen a tandem of Vissto and Magnetic Ideas for our strategic projects of Job Architecture, Organizational Mobility, Payroll analyses and transformation to agile structure. Throughout these projects we appreciated especially the collaborative & professional cooperation with high added value, market insights and attractiveness of all outputs in terms of visual aspect & clarity.

We also appreciated the possibility to use several automating tools during these transformation projects which helped to involve all the managerial population, collect and analyze data from across the entire company.

As a follow-up to new Job Architecture, we purchased a license to HRESS, which in our opinion currently has no competition in the market, for the following reasons:

  • clarity & comprehensibility of the methodology for all stakeholders
  • possibility to bridge to other methodology, which we use globally
  • efficiency & automation of related administration management
  • valuable analyses, comparisons and clear visualizations
  • possibility to involve managerial population in position evaluation process
  • fast understanding & learning, know-how transfer to our HR

Juraj Vrabko
Head of People CEE

With Vissto, we have already carried out several successful projects in the field of modernization and standardization of HR architecture.

I especially appreciate the extent to which they combine the deep knowledge of HR environment with modern and straightforward data-driven approaches. Thanks to this, they have developed several unique tools, which now help us with the creation of job descriptions, the distribution of bonuses throughout the company or the salary analysis of individual teams.

In addition to their expertise, I also appreciate the high flexibility and commitment with which they solve all projects and at the same time a very pleasant way of communication. I can only recommend the cooperation with them.

Jana Štoková
HR Operations Manager

We have chosen Vissto as a partner for the Strategic Human Resources Management project at ComAp Global.

Together, we have made a revision of Job Grades, introduced new principles for the organization hierarchy set up, established a job evaluation committee and approved the final job hierarchy (matrix) by the company's management.

Our cooperation has always been absolutely professional, providing high expertise, while adhering to all deadlines and agreed procedures in absolutely friendly and creative cooperation. The outputs from these projects are now used not only by HR, but also by the managerial population.

Furthermore we have analyzed our remuneration system, created a tool for a regular salary review process across the company in all our foreign branches and fine-tuned the tool for payroll costs planning.

Martin Steiner
Trade-off magazine production

Trade-off magazine emphasizes not only the quality of the content of its professional articles, but also the processing of accompanying infographics, which must clearly and accurately represent a large amount of often complex data.

In this respect, Vissto is a reliable and very flexible partner for us, whose outputs in the form of graphs meet the strictest criteria.

Martin Novotný
Shell service station operator

As part of the operation of gass stations, it is absolutely essential for us to constantly monitor and evaluate sales data. We therefore turned to the company Vissto, which we prepared for us summary matrices of graphs showing all the contexts clearly in one place.

This allowed us to literally reveal our sales results and start using them to the full. We are now able to react immediately, introduce new products and evaluate their success very easily. I am not corporate entrepreneur, but I can only recommend modern analysis and visual data processing by this company to everyone.